Faratarh Engineering Company (FTECO.) started its activities in early 2008, in the Industrial Automation, Instrumentation
and Process Control fields. Now employing efficient and experienced staff, deploying cutting edge technologies and
cooperating with European companies works in automation of new industrial units and modernization of old
industrial units as one of the active EPC organizations, especially in the steel industry and water and
wastewater industries.

Abilities and Expertise

Faratarh Engineering Company by utilizing Well-educated and experienced employees as well as using Cutting-edge knowledge in Industrial Automation and Installation of Electrical Equipment, Control Devices and Instruments is well known EPC System Integrator in Various industries.
FTECO works with these TWO ENGINEERING Field of works division:

1- Electrical Installation

– Preparing shop drawings, Installation & Commissioning of Electrical equipment (E).

2- Industrial Automation

– Instrumentation & Automation (IA) Systems implementation in new plants
– Revamping, Modernization & Optimization of existing plants

After years of proven success, we have confirmed our position as a Company with Correct SOLUTIONs in the Field of Industrial Automation & Electrical as A partner in your PLANTs. Faratarh is one of the few companies in Iran which has been carrying out many projects at all levels of automation in different Fields and Plants. Related activities for each project is briefly as follows:

Basic Design & Detail Design:

Basic Design and Detail Design:

 Basic Design:
– Preparation of Process Functional Description
– P & ID Design
– Control System Configuration Design
– Preparation of Equipment Technical Datasheets

 Detail Design:
– Preparation of Equipment Datasheets
– Field Device Location and Instrumentation Hookup
– Electrical Systems Design
– Cabling and Cable Routing
– Communication Diagram and Wiring
– Design of Panels Construction Drawings

Software Engineering

• Control and Logic Programming (PLC)
• Monitoring System Programming (HMI)
• Communication Network Programming (Ethernet, Profibus, …)

Control Panel Fabrication

• Control Panel Documentation
• Drawing Sheets
• Parts Designation
• Wiring

Equipment Installation

• Instrument Equipment Installation
• MDP, MCC, PLC, R I/O Panels
• Cabling
• Wiring and Loop checking


• Cold Test
• Hot commissioning
• Implementation

Warranty and Automation System Support:

Professional commissioning with warranty extension provides free of charge rapid response services, if the unexpected occurs. Let us worry about your installed base, so you can focus on your business.